• Die Nachtigall und die Rose (2022) Duo für Viola and Harp
  • Neptun (Nr. 1) (2020) for Fl, Ob/EH, Kl. in Bb/Bkl, Horn in F, Tp in B, Trb, Perc I-III, Hrp, Stringquintet (or Stringorchestra)
  • Rumis Traum (Nr. 2) (2020) for Fl/Alt-Fl in G, Ob/EH, Cl. in B, Horn in F, Tp in Bb, Trb, Perc I-II, Hrp, Stringquintet (or Stringorchestra)
  • Neso (Nr. 3), (2020) for Fl/Picc, Ob, Kl. in Bb/Basskl, Horn in F, Picc. Tp in A, Trb, Perc I-III, Hrp, Stringquintet (or Stringorchestra)
  • Les Cheveux Noirs Dansants (2018) for Flute, Violine Violoncello
  • Gonia (2018) for alto sax, trumpet, trombone, piano, organ and string quartet. (Commissioned by the Music Festival Bern)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle (2016) for flute, beatbox, bass clarinet and piano
  • Der Ausbruch (2014) for large ensemble
  • Epilog (2014) for prepared piano and percussion (Ensemble Recherche Academy)
  • Oshun (2014) for Ob/EH, Bs, Acc, Vlc.
  • Closed Path (Nr. 2), (2013) Duo for Piano and Vibraphone
  • Traveller (2013) for tuba, prepared piano and percussion
  • Der Weg ist der Ausweg (2013) for bass clarinet, violin, cello, guitar and accordion
TRES CANCIONES – Three Songs on Poems by GUSTAVO PITA, for SOPRANo And Piano (Spanish)
  • La Flor (2022), Llueve (2022), Al límite (2022)
miscellaneous pieces
  • Gestern im Traum (2022) Song on a Poem by Rumi, for Soprano and Piano (German)
  • A Violet in Her Hair (2021) Song on a Poem by Charles Swain, for Mezzo-Soprano or Soprano and Klavier
Tapis de Lumières (2019) – Song cycle for Mezzosoprano or Soprano, Violine and Guitar. (French)
  • Sieben Reflexionen (2021) for alto saxophone (dedicated to Marcus Weiss)
  • Sketch Nocturne for Tuba Solo (2020) (dedicated to Anne Jelle Visser)
  • Romance sans Parole (2016) for cello (commissioned by Éric-Maria Couturier)
  • Aerias (2013/2014) for violine (2nd movement of Inter aerias Fagos)
  • Geschichte einer Melodie (2013) for flute
  • Closed Path (2013) for solo piano
Experimental VOCAL MUSIC AND Thêatre Musicale
Big Band und Large Combos
  • Immersion (2018) for Big Band and Acc. UA Maria Schneider, commissioned by the festival generations, with support of Pro Helvetia and Suisa
  • Bermuda (2017) for Sopransax, Trb., Vibr. 1, Vibr. 2, P, Guit., B, Dr.
  • Home again (2017) for As 1, As 2, Vibr 1, Vibr, 2, P, Guit, B, Dr.
  • Le Grand Morin (2014) for Big Band
Christmas Songs for Children (swiss German)
  • Bim Chlaus im Wald, Text: Emilie Locher-Werling, Music: Bardia Charaf
  • Chlauselied, Text: Hans Zulliger, Music: Bardia Charaf
  • Im Winter (1), Text: Sophie Hämmerli-Marti, Music: Bardia Charaf
  • Im Winter (2), Text: Mina Stünzi, Music: Bardia Charaf
  • O Chinde chömed lueged au, Text: Anna Merz, Music: Bardia Charaf
  • Wiehnachtsängel, Text: Sophie Hämmerli-Marti, Music: Bardia Charaf
  • Ligatura – Message To Frances-Marie (1989) from György Kurtág, orig. für 2 Vln, Vlc and Celesta. Orchestration 2013 for Fl, Ob/EH, Cl. in B/Basskcl., Basscl, Bs, Cbs, Hr in F, Tp. 1/2, Trb 1/2, Piano, Vln 1, Vln 2, Vla, Vlc, Db. Commissioned from the Ensemble Vertigo.
Sacred music
  • Kyrie (2023) for SATB div. (latin)
  • Missa Festiva (2022) for SATB (Soli), Choir SATB and Organ or Piano. Commissioned for the anniversary celebration of the Herz Jesu Church, Zürich.
  • Ave Maria (2020) for solo soprano, Choir SATB, Violoncello, Organ or Piano.
  • Ancient Songs in old modes (2018) for solo voice (latin)
  • Pie Jesu (2018) for solo voice (latin)